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Yelp is one of the most popular iPhone applications, since it allows you to find, within seconds, any restaurant, bar, gas station or any type of business that is open and relatively close to your location.

The application not only locates all of the businesses with the name or characteristics that you're searching for on a map, but, by selecting a specific place, it also allows you to access all of its information, consumer opinions, telephone number, photos, etc.

In addition, after your experience at a place you can write your own review, and even add it to a list of favorites that you can keep for future use.

Yelp is an ideal tool for discovering the best (and worst) sites in your city. It is incredibly helpful for anyone who might want to discover new places and, even better, share them so that other users can discover them as well.
Facebook Local: the new app to replace Events

Facebook has been working long and hard to create successful apps that stem from the social network's existing services. That's what they tried to do with Events from Facebook, a tool that compiled the events in your area and ones that your contacts were interested in. Yes we're talking in the past tense here. The app did not experience the success Facebook had hoped for, and has since been replaced by a new app which will try to succeed where Events could not: Facebook Local takes some of the features from the old events app and now also recommends places nearby where you can eat, go for a drink, or attend an event or activity. 
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