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Yelp is on of the top review apps in the US. Its thousands of users share their favorite establishments; adding reviews about anything from the best local ice cream to where to get your shoes mended. Now you'll be in the know on the latest and greatest new businesses in your city, as well as celebrated local institutions. On Yelp, you can see which nearby restaurant to eat at, where to get gas, and which specific shop is open near your location. Yelp also gives you current information on restaurants, gas stations, and updated information on when each spot is scheduled to open. Simply tap on Yelp's map and pick which business you want more information on by tapping its name.

Access basic information such as business addresses and phone numbers, as well as comments from other users, along with any product pictures and user ratings. There's plenty of information including user pictures, comments, ratings as well as more general info like addresses and opening/closing times. Regardless of whether you're a more adventurous consumer or if you'd prefer to stick to the tried and true, Yelp is there to help you find the best possible place for anything you need thanks to its honest, trustworthy user-written reviews.

Plus, Yelp provides you with tons of deals and discount coupons that you wouldn't have access to otherwise. Create a whole list of spots you want to check out and save your favorites as starred spots. Or share your honest opinion of places you've been via Yelp, so that way the whole user community is in the know if a shady business pops up nearby.

You can even write up your own personal list of your favorite hangout spots, and keep tabs on all the places you visit.
By Erika Okumura
Facebook Local: the new app to replace Events

Facebook has been working long and hard to create successful apps that stem from the social network's existing services. That's what they tried to do with Events from Facebook, a tool that compiled the events in your area and ones that your contacts were interested in. Yes we're talking in the past tense here. The app did not experience the success Facebook had hoped for, and has since been replaced by a new app which will try to succeed where Events could not: Facebook Local takes some of the features from the old events app and now also recommends places nearby where you can eat, go for a drink, or attend an event or activity. 
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